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the very great and the very small

i just saw a recent photo of two friends of mine at birthday party. one i knew from elementary school and the other i knew in high school; they were organized in two different parts of my mind. never would i have guessed they would be partying together. it made me smile and miss them both.

on a totally different note, today barack obama was sworn in as president. michelle obama held lincoln's bible and looked amazing in chartreuse. they are fierce, and they bring hope. and they get it. i could point out the cabinet appointments that i don't like (defense, agriculture), or the priorities i would give, but we need to celebrate this for now. to quote the man of the hour:

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.

what a momentous and wonderful day for our country. i squeaked out a little almost-tear, in a waiting room filled with our administrative staff, clinic staff, and patients! had i heard john lewis speak, i would have lost it. i haven't been proud of my country for more than 8 years!

you know that thing people get in the winter-- their mouths get cracked and swollen at the corners? i have that, and i can't get it to go away. i look like i can't take care of myself! the chapstick/carmex rubs off, how do i make it stop?


my oprah list for the week:

* pumpkin spice muffins with walnuts

* 'come into my house' by no kids

* deep red hair

* the sanctity of sunday brunch:


evan, mel, katie, shama & mallory



that's a mini-breakdown of the difference between tax policies between mccain and obama. it's oversimplified, but i think it states a few important points at least.

if you want a great feminist op/ed, read gloria steinhem's article in the LA times:

if that doesn't satisfy your appetite, go for katha politt's piece on thenation.com

even deepak chopra has published a position on sarah palin. she was on the cover of people magazine, the coverage within the pages was extensive. it's getting nuts.


made my week

a good meijer trip always feels great, as does meijer selling the blueberries from my 10th grade bio teacher's family farm.

but the bigger surprise came from whole foods. i'm not a big whole foods person, but i was in a pinch and i needed some bananas and it's across the street from PP. the bananas they sell are from the plantations at E.A.R.T.H. university, one of the largest agricultural universities in costa rica. when i was 12, i stayed on campus for a few days, touring many of their crops, including their banana plantation. they told us that the whole university was the only of its kind costa rica that was all organic. the idea was very new and seemed cool, but this was years ago. i even packaged bananas! it was where i saw my first armadillo. where i first ate a sustainable, bird friendly, shade grown, free range organic meal. okay now i'm just being sarcastic.

fuckin' bananas. i was THERE!!! eleven years ago this summer.

plans are in zygote stage to take carrick out of the country within the next year. probably latin america/mexico. if anybody's interested, i'm still thinking about christmas/new year's.

also, since planned parenthood is not going to pay for me to learn spanish, i've decided to take it up more seriously on a solo level. i speak and listen as much as i can at work, i have a notebook i'm making, and rowena (spanish speaking clinician) gave me a lot of her son's spanish books from when he was younger, as well as clinical spanish books for people just starting out like me. i am so excited, i've been practicing every night.

a little politik to chew on

caleb posted about a feeling of dread with china's upcoming olympic spotlight. i just want to review:

the olympics have almost always been political in some way shape or form. the 1928 amsterdam games were the first that women could compete in (also the first sponsorship--coca cola), the '36 games were hosted by hitler's third reich, the games were moved and canceled multiple times during WWII, the games in tokyo in '64 unveiled the telecommunications age, the US boycotted in '80... the games have survived terrorist attacks and all kinds of political disaster.

it makes beijing feel all the more shady. condi pulled china off the state dept's list of countries abusing human rights, but that was in march. you know... before the protests in the name of tibet and the ensuing crackdowns, arrests and beatings. now the attack that killed 16 border patrol officers... just try to imagine the security in beijing. i so appreciated that GOOD magazine did a china issue titled: don't be afraid of china! i'm trying to keep an open and compassionate mind as his holiness says, but my brow is still furrowed.

between this and obama okaying wiretapping, i think my plan to strip naked and run into the wilderness may be hastening.



this man is in part responsible for alaska's statehood--he's their first senator. he's tremendously helped the state with the seniority and power he has in the senate. that being said, this fish fry's been a long time coming.

top five daily show ted stevens moments: highly recommended viewing i tried to search for the "coot off" daily show clip... but i'm still on that hunt. the coot off is the best.

current summer musical obsessions:

stephen malkmus + the jicks // real emotional trash: a creeper, though i think it may be my favorite one yet. dragonfly pie, cold son, and gardenia are my current favorites.

blind pilot // 3 rounds and a sound: i'm curious to see if/when they splash big. maybe the next mellow/acoustic/indie hit a la iron and wine? of course they're from portland. of course.


bad week for gus

gus went to the vet today with me after work. the waiting room was packed: big labs, lots of beagles and coonhounds. dr. macarthur found a nasty staph infection on his front left paw. poor dog yelped and yelped while he wiped it with betadine. i'm ok to cut the bandages off his back paw (from the tuesday nail incident), but he really can't walk more than to go out to pee. it's really depressing to watch. the upswing is that he's taking antibiotics, which means a heapin helpin of peanut butter twice a day into which i slip pills.

tomorrow is the first saturday in a month or so that i've been here, not working and able to take him to the dog run. i can try to drive him over, but i question his ability to make it over the soccer field. we'll see.

kind of weird yet very comfortable to be in this girl and her pup situation for the summer. in most situations i admit i'd think it was unhealthy for someone to dote over their dog and nobody else, but i kinda don't have anybody else and the injuries make him high maintenance. there's a sense of satisfaction in getting him on the mend.




three new favorite websites.

i have a sad tooth that got worked on today. no going out for drinks tonight. i'm being domestic and discovering new cool websites. here are my three new favorites:

the National Priorities Project


walk score!

the first two are probably more interesting for the social science-y people and statistician types. it reminds me how much i love knowledge. the third is an awesome website that explains how your environment affects your health and rates any US address in terms of "walkability".

it's pretty interesting stuff all around.

can't sleep

i've been reading a lot lately, and since i've been awful at goodreads, i thought i'd share:

i liked his earlier book, complications, so i decided to pick this up. he's an incredible writer. sometimes i don't care about the complexity of the polio immunizations in india, so i skip around. it's definitely a good read.

a tiny icon for a very good book! this is a collection of essays by all ages, shapes, sizes and colors of radical women (i.e. michelle tea, diane diprima, kim gordon, kate bornstein, jenny shimizu). though it is categorized under beauty and fashion, these essays end up being about very deep and meaningful things in women's identities. it sounded like a natural read for me, so i picked it up at the sister spit show. it's simultaneously hilarious, insightful, angering and beautiful. such an added bonus that you can pick it up as often as you want to and be entertained by all different kinds of stories. i so very recommend it.

i just ordered this from powells: autobiography of a blue eyed devil: my life and times in a racist, imperialist society by inga muscio. i've heard good things about it, and i really like her style of writing. i'm looking forward to digging in to this one.